The Story of... the $35k Mummy's Head

Among the dinosaurs skeletons, precious minerals and other ancient memorabilia at Heritage Auction Galleries' Natural History Auction (January 17) will be an authentic mummy's head.


According to experts, the well executed mummification indicates that the head once belonged to an important individual, male or female, possibly between the New Kingdom and Ptolemaic period.

"Imprints around the eye sockets suggest that they were once covered, possibly with coins with which to pay for passage to the afterlife," says David Herskowitz, Director of Natural History Auctions at Heritage.

"It exhibits no distortion and is beautifully prepared, indicating that this may well have been a high status individual."

The above video takes a closer look at the mysterious mummy's head and its provenance, examining why this ancient artefact will appeal to collectors.

The head carries an estimate of $25,000-35,000, and promises to generate much excitement when it hits the auction block, later this month.


Video and images: Heritage Auction Galleries

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