The collection that's worth a packet...

Last week, we were looking at another toy auction, and noting that pieces that reminded adults of their childhood could be distinctly valuable. This week a British man has discovered that his collection is worth money for similar reasons - but it's not a toy collection.

David Valentine started collecting crisp packets when he was at school - to be precise, aged 6 in 1984 with a packet of beef-flavour Hula Hoops. At that time he collected them for the forlorn reason that he didn't have the money to collect football stickers like his friends.

Now, many of the designs and even the brands (such as Griddles and Ringos) have gone by the wayside, and people are excited when they see the packets as they evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Valentine has been offered as much as £10,000 by individuals and even museums that would like to own his 500 packets, but so far he has refused. It's not known whether those collecting them think they would go well with an empty wine bottle collection.

Whilst we can't particularly recommend food containers as an investment - especially not if you're thinking of putting all your eggs in one packet - the story is a useful example of how almost anything with a recognisable design can become more valuable as the supply dries up.


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