Suu Kyi sweaters auction in Burma for $123,000

A pair of colourful sweaters knitted by Aung San Suu Kyi, a passionate campaigner for the establishment of democracy in Burma, starred at a fundraising auction on December 28. The sweaters brought $123,000 to the National League of Democracy Party, of which Suu Kyi is the leading light.

Suu Kyi sweaters auction in Burma
Suu Kyi, who campaigns for the
reinstatement of democratic practice in
Burma, also has talents with knitting needles

A green and white knitted sweater bearing a floral design sold to an anonymous bidder for $74,120, while a rainbow coloured V-neck made $49,000, selling to a Burmese radio station.

Suu Kyi, a 67-year-old former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has not yet commented on the success of the sale; the proceeds of which will benefit the National League for Democracy party.

The sweaters are believed to have been knitted at least 25 years ago when Suu Kyi was living in England.

Following her release in 2010 from 14 years spent under house arrest, Suu Kyi has campaigned ceaselessly against the oppressive and undemocratic military rule in Burma - also known as Myanmar - which borders India and Thailand.

The daughter of General Aung San - a celebrated figure known for his positive involvement in the country's previous struggles for independence - Suu Kyi has attained something approaching celebrity status in Burma and is known as "Mother Suu" by the adoring public.

In the minds of bidders the knitwear is clearly imbued with symbolic importance, representing resistance, peace, hope and freedom.

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