Strand of Elvis's hair to auction in UK

Mounted on a gold disk, and marked 'The King's Authentic Hair', with a certificate of authenticity on the back, the single strand from the legendary singer's head is obviously a greatly cherished possession.

It was bought by a fan of the Jailhouse Rock singer's music from a television auction.

Now to be sold in Gloucester by Chorley's, the strand is estimated at £400-600. Whilst some people would not realise it was worth so much, this is by no means an over optimistic estimate.

In October 2009, a lock of Elvis's hair sold in a Chicago auction in for $15,000, whilst a single strand sold for $1,750 in Wiltshire in November.

Elvis's popularity continues even in death. In 2009, he was second on the list of top-earning dead celebrities. It seems unlikely that his fame will dwindle any time soon, which makes memorabilia associated with him worthy of investment. The sale takes place on February 25.

Collectors may be interested to know that two signed photographs of Elvis, (one smiling, one brooding) are currently available for sale. Alternatively, three strands of Charles Dickens hair are also on the market.


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