Scarampella Violin beats estimate by 60% in Boston sale


A Boston, MA auction of musical instruments saw the sale of a 1910 violin from one of the greatest luthiers of the 20th century, yesterday (April 29).


Stefano Scarampella Violin Auction
Stefano Scarampella Violin c. 1910

The instrument came from Italian violin maker, Stefano Scarampella. Scarampella is known for his work with his brother Guiseppe, with whom he partnered until his death in 1902. The instrument bore the maker's label of 1895, suggesting that both of the brothers would have had a hand in producing the instrument.

Despite abrasions to the varnish and repairs, the quality of Scarampella's work was reflected by the sale price of $80,000, against an estimate of $30,000-50,000, showing an increase of 60%.

This fine violin was joined in the sale by a rare C. F. Martin & Company D-18 guitar, which sold for $32,000. The six-string dreadnought from 1934 is noted for its warm tone and quality workmanship, for which C. F. Martin is still renowned today.

In November 2011, the same auction house sold a C. F. Martin & Company 1941 D-45, a slightly more elaborate version of the D-18, for $219,225. The rare guitar has become a coveted collector's item after production was interrupted during the second world war.

A very early example of the world famous Fender Telecaster also sold in the Boston auction, for $32,500. The guitar was the first electric guitar to see commercial production, in 1950, and is distinguished by its unique tone, known as "The Telecaster Sound". 

The Telecaster is still used by professional musicians today and holds its title as one of the finest electric guitars ever made. This 1953 Telecaster was sold complete with an original Fender Deluxe amplifier, an unbeatable pairing for electric guitar players.

Music collectors will want to see our Memorabilia section for some great opportunities to enhance their collection. This distinctive Reversokaster guitar has been signed by the Rolling Stones.

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