Rare Tiffany 'Aztec' presentation dagger auctions in California this February

A sale in Oakland, California, will offer a very special rarity next month: a very rare Tiffany "Aztec" presentation dagger.


Tiffany Aztec presentation dagger
The Tiffany "Aztec" dagger

The dagger was designed by G Paul Farnham in the early 1900s and is described as "powerful yet diminutive" by the auctioneer.

Farnham made it from sterling, ivory and faceted obsidian - the latter in direct homage to the Aztec culture where they used obsidian to create the sharpest daggers possible.

Obsidian daggers, like this example, are even sharper than diamonds.

Farnham was Tiffany's chief jewellery designer, active between 1891 to 1908.

Today, experts still consider Farnham to be the best designer the firm ever employed. He was especially unequalled as a colourist.

Farnham's creations are scarce and, like all the rarest top collectibles, highly coveted worldwide with plenty of past auction successes.

In 2009, Farnham's Tiffany "Aztec" bowl, made from sterling and copper, sold to the Dallas Museum of Art for an impressive for $305,000.

"It is a pleasure to be handling such an important piece of American Decorative Art," said Deric Torres, specialist at Clars, in a statement.

"The beauty of this piece is testament to his [Farnham's] creative genius and will be the highlight of our February sale."

Watch this space for more news from the rare artefacts markets.

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