'Plebgate' bike to auction on eBay

Former British government chief whip Andrew Mitchell is planning to sell the bike at the centre of 2012's "Plebgate" scandal after it has attracted more unwanted attention than the MP for Sutton Coldfield can tolerate.

Plebgate bike to auction
The front cover of the Sun newspaper following "Plebgate"

The "Plebgate" affair concerns an altercation between Mitchell and the police in September 2012, when several police men stationed outside the chancellor of the exchequer's residence, 9 Downing Street, refused to allow Mitchell to exit the premises by the main gate, instructing him to use the pedestrian entrance instead.

The official police log of the incidents reports Mitchell, who was sat astride his distinctive bicycle at the time of the argument, as saying: "Best you learn your fucking place. You don't run this fucking government… You're fucking plebs."

Mitchell later apologised but denied having used the word "plebs". He resigned from his government post a month later.

The story returned to the headlines in December 2012, when it was discovered that CCTV footage cast the police's version of events into doubt, resulting in two arrests.

The bicycle, which features a distinctive front basket that Mitchell sometimes pops his helmet into, has been repeatedly targeted by thieves since the incident.

In one instance a woman asked the MP to take a picture of her with the bike on the woman's mobile phone.

The MP intends to sell the bike on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity.

A friend of the MP commented: "If he sells it, he'll be buying a new one because cycling is just about the only exercise he gets."

The bike has not yet been listed on the internet auction site.

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