Photos of Prime Minister with secret daughter to auction

Never-before-seen photos showing British Prime Minister David Lloyd George with his secret daughter are coming to auction.

Lloyd George's long affair with his secretary Frances Stevenson resulted in a daughter: Jennifer Longford – born in 1929.

Lloyd George daughter

Lloyd George and his secret daughter Jennifer

Now photos of the pair together will auction at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury on 23 March in London.

Lloyd George (1863-1945), who was prime minister between 1916 and 1922, would eventually marry Stevenson after the death of his first wife, Margaret, in 1941.

Longford was always told Lloyd George was her grandfather but was convinced he was her father. Stevenson even pretended that Longford was adopted to keep the truth from emerging.

Longford died five years ago, aged 82.

The auction house's Valentina Borghi told the Mail newspaper: "When Frances fell pregnant with Jennifer it was agreed that she would keep her baby on the condition that Lloyd George was never acknowledged as the father. Jennifer's paternity was never formally tested.

"But there is evidence that Jennifer found out when she was a teenager through documents regarding her adoption. She was 99 per cent sure she was the daughter of Lloyd George.

"These images have never appeared before and have never been seen before. They are quite unique. They are private and intimate and give us a glimpse into their private life. Jennifer was fully aware that Lloyd George was not her grandfather."

Also appearing at the auction are several letters and cards between Lloyd George, Stevenson and Longford. Estimates for all items range from £500 ($625) to £2,500 ($3,125).

Lloyd George was a notorious womaniser. In the early days of the first world war, British army officer Lord Kitchener is said to have remarked that he didn't share military secrets with the cabinet, as they would all tell their wives, except Lloyd George "who would tell someone else's wife".

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