James Bond magnetic 'Live and Let Die' Rolex watch will be major attraction

James Bond's specially adapted Live and Let Die Rolex 'magnetic' wristwatch, converted from a stainless steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner timepiece by 'Q Branch', is the most memorable Submariner to appear in movies and must be considered a timeless piece not only for the watch fan but also for film and James Bond collectors in general.

Especially designed for James Bond to be worn during 007's mission in Live and Let Die, it was created in 1972 by the world-famous film production designer Syd Cain, a British production designer who has worked on more than 30 films, including four in the James Bond series in the 1960s and 1970s.

Featuring not only a bezel spinning at high speed to cut ropes and chains, in the movie it also bore an ultra-strong magnet which was supposed to neutralise bullets but was first used by 007 to unzip Miss Caruso's dress. Both were used in the final showdown with Kananga.

James Bond magnetic Rolex watch Live and Let Die
James Bond's adapted Rolex watch from Live and Let Die (notice the circular saw)

The lot will be sold together with an original construction drawing and two signed images from the set showing Roger Moore as James Bond, wearing the present Rolex, with Solitaire tied to a hoist in Kananga's lair and unzipping Miss Caruso's dress.

The Rolex will sell with a listing of CHF200,000 - CHF400,000 ($228,735 - $457,470) in Christie's Important Watches auction in Geneva.

James Bond memorabilia is of course consistently popular all around the world, and all kinds of memorabilia associated with the films are valuable.

Pierce Brosnan suit Goldeneye
Suit worn by Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye - available now
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In Christie's sale of classic movie posters in June earlier this year, a poster for the classic James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever (1971) topped the bill, selling for £79,250 ($129,970) to an American collector.

Not only was this a world record price for any item of James Bond film poster memorabilia, it was also a world record price for a concept artwork at auction.

Likewise any clothing worn in the movies or the signatures of the starring actors can be valuable, such as this suit worn by Pierce Brosnan in Golden Eye which we're excited to be offering for sale.

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