Jack Kilby's prototype microchip could see $2m

Jack Kilby's prototype microchip, which ushered in the modern computing era, will excite tech collectors at Christie's New York on June 19.

Jack Kilby prototype microchip
The microchip is now found in almost every electronic device, after Kilby's miniaturisation moved the computing industry forward by years

The Nobel Prize-winning lot, which is offered with a $1m-2m estimate, is an integrated circuit on a single chip, which Kilby (of Texas Intruments) demonstrated in 1958.

Described as the "birth certificate of the modern computing era", the invention led to the widespread use of microchips, which can be found in almost all electronic devices today.

The chip is made of a doubly diffused germanium wafer with flying gold wire and four leads. It was developed by Tom Yeargan, a member of the team that helped miniaturise the giant computers of the early 20th century.  

The auction is another progression in the expanding market for tech industry collectibles. Apple products and early computing innovations have become popular with a new generation of collectors recently, due to their important place in 20th century history.

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