Intact woolly mammoth skeleton to sell for first time in UK

An intact woolly mammoth skeleton is to cross the block at Summers Place in Sussex, UK on November 26 with a valuation of £150,000-200,000 ($246,082-328,110).

The 10,000-year-old male is the first mammoth sold in the UK and is therefore likely to prove popular with bidders.

James Rylands, of Summers Place Auctions, told the Daily Mail: "What's exceptional about this one is it's more or less complete with two magnificent tusks. There are one or two toes missing.

"It looks very impressive, the inside curve of the tusks is about 8ft (2.4 metres). It's bigger than an elephant…

 "It could either go to a museum or if you have a big conservatory it would definitely make a serious statement. It's not like a number 14 bus, there isn't going to be another one coming along."

mammoth summers
The mammoth skeleton is around 10,000 years old

The mammoth was key to the survival of humans during the ice age and representations appear often in cave art. Every part of the animal was used to make jewellery, weapons and tools.

The recent discovery of a well preserved mammoth in Siberia has led scientists to state that it may be possible to clone one within the next few years.

Other mammoth skeletons have sold well in the past, with one complete specimen achieving $311,106 at Sotheby's New York in 2012.

The sale will also include a giant elephant bird egg.

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