Inside the mind of a genius? Einstein's X-ray could sell for up to $2,000

Many people have wondered what went on inside the head of Albert Einstein, but few people ever had the chance to take a closer look.

However, later this month collectors have the chance to get up close and personal with the genius as two X-rays of his skull go up for auction at Julien's with an estimated price of $1,000 - $2,000.

 The X-ray of Einstein's skull, taken in 1945

The X-rays show both a frontal and profile view of Einstein's skull, and were taken in 1945. They will hold particular interest for collectors as they were taken by Dr Gustav Bucky, a forerunner in radiograph technology who collaborated with Einstein on the invention of the Automatic Electric Eye camera in 1937.

Einstein memorabilia has proven exceptionally popular over recent years, with the price of his signature rising in value by 242.9% over the last ten years (according to the industry's PFC40 autograph index).

Letters and documents signed by the great man have become some of the most sought-after on the market for investors and the X-rays, unique amongst Einstein memorabilia, are sure to prove as popular.

Albert Einstein, signed letter
This letter, written and signed by Einstein,
is currently on the market for £22,500

As another recent sale proved, there is great demand for such unusual items. They may hardly have been the most glamorous shots of Marylyn Monroe ever taken, but when several X-rays taken of her in 1954 went up for auction in June this year they smashed their estimates 20 times over.

One shot of her chest proved most popular with bidders (naturally), eventually selling for $25,000.

The market for unusual celebrity memorabilia is a strong one featuring weird and wonderful items, many utterly unique, and when Einstein's X-rays go on sale on December 3 they are sure to prove just as popular.

Einstein's enduring legacy goes way beyond his brilliance in physics, so for collectors there is solid evidence that investing in his items can bring excellent results. And you definitely don't need to be a genius to see that.


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