How the 'most important comic ever' could net you a 133.5% Superprofit



Where would we be without superheroes? The concept seems unthinkable now, but it was very much a reality before this day in history (June 1) back in 1938.

On that day, Action Comics #1 was released, containing the first-ever appearance of a superhero character whose mark would be felt on popular culture for ever more... 

That character was fittingly named Superman. And, while some enthusiasts will argue that The Phantom or even Popeye was the first "superhero," Superman was the first to boast supernatural powers.

After partners Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's initial idea, "The Reign of the Super-Man", was rejected by publishers in 1933, the original pages were torn-up and thrown in a bin.

Fortunately, Siegel went back to the drawing board. After a sleepless night, his new concept for Superman resembled something closer to a contemporary Jesus parable: a story of an alien who is sent to Earth from his dying planet to battle wrongdoing.

Today, Action Comics #1 is regarded as being the first-ever superhero comic.

And, as comic books continue to emerge as one of the collectibles markets' most valued alternative investments, it's no surprise that Action Comics #1 dominates the niche...


Action Comics # 1

If you want to see action on the world's top auction blocks, look no further than 1938's Action Comics #1

In February 2010, an 8.0 graded copy of Action Comics #1 was sold by ComicConnect for an in incredible $1m.

This sale was later surpassed by the $1,075,500 World Record sale of Detective Comics, featuring the first-ever appearance of Batman. However, the Dark Knight's reign didn't last long...

On March 29th, 2010, sold another copy that fetched USD$1.5 million, making it the most expensive and most valuable comic book of all-time.

Presently, experts at the Nostomania comic book index estimate that, were Action Comics #1 to reappear on the markets, a good-quality edition (graded 8.0 or higher) could sell for as much as $3,620,000.

Very impressive. But how does this translate into investment terms?

Well, put it this way: the lucky owner of an 8.0-graded Action Comics #1 edition could find themselves enjoying a three-year gain of 133.5%. Or a one-year gain of 117.5%...

And that equates to a three-month gain of 9.4%.

Compare these percentages to the returns offered by an average savings account, and it's clear that Action Comics #1's ongoing legacy provides collectors with a more-than-super investment.


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