Hillary Clinton "President" Newsweek is prized collectible

Political memorabilia collectors are hunting for copies of US magazine Newsweek that declare Hillary Clinton as US president.

The magazine's commemorative issue publisher, Topix Media, produced 125,000 copies that proclaim "Madam President". Although retailers were under strict instructions not to put out copies before Wednesday's result, a small number ignored this advice.

Newsweek Hillary Clinton
Right and wrong

"Like everybody else, we got it wrong," Tony Romando, Topix Media's CEO told the New York Post.

Romano asserts just 17 copies of the publication were sold before the rest were pulled from the shelves and replaced with "President Trump" issues.

A photo has even circulated of Clinton signing a copy on the day before the election.  

What has become of the recalled copies will have a huge bearing on the value of the sold 17. If the recalled issues have been pulped, history suggests the sold editions could be worth thousands in years to come.

That is because the error is reminiscent of the famous "Dewey defeats Truman" newspaper.

On the morning following the 1948 US election, the Chicago Daily Tribune erroneously proclaimed "Dewey defeats Truman" on its front page.

The newspaper produced 150,000 copies - 25,000 more than the Clinton Newsweeks. Several still exist and trade for up to £3,000.

Several more than the sold 17 Newsweeks could already be in the public domain, however. More than 100 appear to be for sale right now on eBay. Sold copies have already changed hands for £400 ($500). We are unable to confirm the authenticity of those on offer.

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