George Washington’s saddle pad valued at $20,000

George Washington’s leopard skin saddle pad will headline an Americana sale at Heritage Auctions.

Washington received the piece as a gift from the dying General Edward Braddock.  

Braddock commanded a unit Washington served in during the French and Indian war (1754-1763).

Washington leopard saddle

General Edward Braddock gave Washington his saddle pad, pistols and sash

He was killed on the battlefield in 1755. Washington was one of the men who helped move him as he lay dying. 

He gave Washington his sash, his pistols and this flashy saddle pad.

This gesture clearly meant a lot to Washington.

He is said to have always carried the sash with him wherever he went (it’s now in the collection of the Mount Vernon Museum).

The lot is valued at $20,000, although it could sell for significantly more given its connection to a key moment in Washington’s life.

There will be a wealth of other items connected with America’s first president in the May 13 auction, including a brass button he wore at his second inauguration in 1789 (it’s valued at $5,000).

We have this extraordinary piece of George Washington memorabilia for sale.

Heritage Auctions' director of Americana, Tom Slater, said: "This special auction was inspired by the great success of our September 2016 'Lincoln and His Times' auction…

“Our goal was to present an auction containing items which appeal to a diverse range of specialized collectors, as well as to those who simply love objects which evoke the earliest days of American history."

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