'George Clark Ambrotype' Lincoln 1860 campaign badge to auction for $9,000?

One of the largest and most historically significant Abraham Lincoln campaign badges, the "George Clark Ambrotype", is to auction in the US on February 6.

The rare 1860 campaign badge, which would have been worn and displayed by Lincoln-supporters, has been given a $7,000-9,000 estimate. Mint examples have previously achieved significantly more, however, with perfect specimens selling in the $30,000 range.

‘George Clark Ambrotype’ Lincoln 1860 campaign badge to auction for $9,000?
Lincoln pictured as a young man without his trademark beard

The 1860 "George Clark Ambrotype" was the first photographic item to be used on the Lincoln campaign trail. The Brady "Cooper Union" photograph of the Republican candidate is housed inside a delicate gilt frame, while the manufacturer's insert card shows "Geo. Clark, Jr. & Co. (of Boston)".

Abraham Lincoln is among America's most iconic presidents, having successfully led the United Sates through civil war while opposing slavery.

He is instantly recognisable by dint of his beard, which does not feature in the early photograph that graces the campaign badge.

Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 - the first assassination of a US president.

Abraham Lincoln has been the subject of a great deal of critical attention of late, following the release of Lincoln, Steven Spielberg's latest epic, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis as the president and has reignited the debate as to the popular president's legacy.

Here at Paul Fraser Collectibles we are lucky enough to be able to offer for sale this exceptional and exceptionally rare sample of President Lincoln's bedroom wallpaper.

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