Elvis Presley's soiled underpants to join Bible auction at $14,200

Elvis Presley is renowned for the pristine white jumpsuits he wore on stage. Unfortunately, he was unable to keep his underpants in the same condition, as proved by a soiled pair that will feature in a sale of his memorabilia on September 8.

Elvis Presley underpants soiled
Elvis was acutely aware of having a VPL (Visible Panty Line)

Worn under one of his famous jumpsuits during a live show in 1977, the light blue dance briefs were selected by Elvis as he did not want any embarrassing lines showing through and further exciting his adoring fans.

The pair will be sold framed, complete with two revealing photographs of the singer mid-performance, for £7,000-9,000 ($11,000-14,200). They were obtained from the estate of Elvis' father, Vernon Presley, and were previously displayed at the world famous Elvis-A-Rama Museum in Nevada.

The underwear will star alongside an incredibly desirable piece of the King's memorabilia, his personal annotated Bible. Complete with a letter of authenticity from his uncle Vester Presley, who gave it as a Christmas gift to Elvis in 1957, the Bible will sell for £20,000-25,000.

In contrast to the Bible, an autographed copy of The Omen, sent to Elvis by a fan to be signed, will sell for £4,000-6,000. A letter from Vernon Presley, sent to the fan shortly after Elvis' death, explains:

"We`re sorry about the delay in sending you the autograph you requested. Yours on the Omen book was amongst the last to be signed. Elvis got a kick out of it that you sent him a book he had read and also of that sort for an autograph. You probably do not know this but Elvis read your book again in curiosity prior to us sending it back to you, autographed by Elvis personally."

Paul Fraser Collectibles has some fantastic items of Elvis Presley memorabilia for sale, including an authentic strand of his hair - another unusual and highly personal collectible that is available at a highly affordable price.

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