Egyptian canopic jar to auction on March 1 for $18,000?

A honey-coloured Egyptian canopic jar, believed to be circa 715 BC, is to auction alongside a Chinese Jade demon statuette on March 1 at Antiquities Saleroom.

The ancient alabaster jar, which would have been used during the mummification process to store and preserve the "viscera", or internal organs, of its owner for the afterlife, carries a $12,000-18,000 estimate ahead of the online auction.

canopic jar and demon auction
It is thought that at one point the jar contained lungs

A Chinese jade demon circa 3500-2200 BC is also to star. The horned and mounted demon has been given a $10,000-20,000 valuation, testament to its age and rarity.

Unusual, historical items often perform well at auction. A set of cannibal cutlery brought £29,440 ($47,353) in January, suggesting the appetite for novelty and provocation remains strong among auction buyers.

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