eBay is sometimes thought of as a site where the key trading is based around clutter people want rid of which others buy on a whim.

One sale in February 2006 was a bit different. Not even Roman Abramovich has nine-digit whims. The piece being bid on was a splendid yacht, built by 4Yacht of Florida, although the yacht wasn't ready to sail when it went up for bidding.

Abramovich put in a deposit of $85m via the Buy It Now option on the understanding that the total cost when the yacht, nicknamed the Gigayacht, was to be delivered in 2007 would be $168m.

This shoots down the previous record, set in August 2001, for a Gulfstream II jet. That sold to an airline company in Africa for a paltry $4.9m.

The yacht was designed as a one of a kind by Frank Mulder with a salon, fitness room and cinema room alongside the luxury offices and enormous living areas, not to mention a swimming pool towards the back for anyone who fancies a swim but doubts they can keep up with the ship.

eBay can be a fun way to search out collectible items you'd like and pick up the occasional bargain.

But there are two things you should bear in mind: firstly, you don't get a firm guarantee of authenticity if you buy, and secondly, you shouldn't try to outbid Roman Abramovich. 


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