Dodo bones to auction among rare natural history lots

A pair of bones from a dodo bird will be major highlights of the Evolution sale at Summers Place Auctions in Billinghurst, UK on November 27.

The bones will be sold as separate lots, with a pelvis valued at £12,000-15,000 ($19,170-23,962) and a leg bone at £7,000-10,000 ($11,182-15,975).

dodo pelvis summers place
The dodo pelvis: one of very few
examples on the market

The dodo is believed to have gone extinct in the mid 1600s.

George Clarke, a British schoolteacher, came into possession of the remains in Mauritius in 1886.

The remains of extinct animals can achieve impressive sums at auction.

Earlier this year an intact elephant bird egg realised £66,675 ($101,613) at Christie's London.

A fragment of a dodo femur made £8,125 ($12,393) at the same sale.

The last complete dodo bone was sold in 1934.

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