12 years ago it was in pieces and covered with dust, but auctioneer Robert Stones could still see it was great find.

Now, cleaned up and re-assembled, its shiny cream horses with gaudy coloured reigns and saddles are restored to their former glory.

When Mr Stones first came across it, he could see through the grime to the wonderful, unique piece underneath. The owner promised that he would contact Jones if ever the carousel was for sale, and over a decade on he has kept his word.

The 1900 battle of Spion Kop was a low point for the British in the second Boer War, which for some reason a racing horse was named after.

That horse won the 1920 Epsom Derby with one of the best times the course has seen. Both battle and horse are referred to on signs above the carousel.

Whether the horses on the ride can recapture Spion Kop's speed is doubtful, but the carousel is expected to bring collectors from all over the country, no doubt mostly those who remember the joy of riding one as a child.

The carousel itself has been displayed for viewing and is expected to sell for £6,000 this Wednesday or Thursday in Nantwich, Cheshire.

Related fairground signs are expected to sell for £1,500 each. 


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