Collectors can get 'Lost' in the TV show's memorabilia at auction

Here's a quick reminder that fans of the cult TV series Lost have a chance to return to the island one last time, tomorrow, at Profiles in History and ABC Studios' Aug. 21-22 auction.

The show debuted back in 2004, following the adventures of a group of exceptionally good-looking plane crash survivors on a perilous and mysterious desert island.

A large section of hull from crashed
flight Oceanic 815 (estimated at

Among the show's innovations was its use of the internet and interactive elements, drawing viewers into its mysteries. Typical questions from fans included "Where is the island?" and "Who are the Dharma Initiative?"

And now fans will be able to interact and get closer to the show that ever before, as Profiles in History's online auction promises to feature everything that's left from the show, which ended earlier this year after six seasons.

Highlights among the lots will include a large section of the crashed plane Oceanic Flight 815's hull (estimated at $3,000-5,000); a section from a prop submarine ($1,000-1,500); and a van owned by mysterious organisation the DHARMA Initiative ($8,000-12,000).

The sale will also provide plenty of autograph and manuscript memorabilia, including a letter written by Sawyer, one of the survivors, and a signed pilot episode script signed by show's creator JJ Abrams.

Among the variety of lots in the auction are a DHARMA Initiative van,
a prop submarine conning tower and deck, and Hurley's flash-sideways

"This show is like Star Trek, it has such a loyal cult following," says Joseph Maddelena, President at Profiles in History.

Whether the show's legacy will live on like The Twilight Zone or Doctor Who remains to be seen - but memorabilia collectors and investors will likely be clamouring to get involved.


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