Colbert/O'Reilly microwave auctioning for $96,500 on eBay

A microwave Stephen Colbert stole from Fox News broadcaster Bill O'Reilly is selling well online, much to O'Reilly's dismay.

Colbert commented, 'It is also signed by yours truly, and one hopes by Papa Bear himself...who knows what other celebrities will sign it, or not.'

The microwave appeared on eBay as a satirical response to O'Reilly's own auction, in which he is selling the sparse notes he made during his interview with Barack Obama before the 2014 Super Bowl.

The president autographed the notes, with O'Reilly adding his own signature for good measure.

The auction - and ridicule - began after O'Reilly said the interview would "go down in journalistic history" and opened bids at $10,000, though those without the funds can buy a photocopy of the notes for just $25.

Colbert, a liberal who plays a right-wing character, frequently singles out O'Reilly as the target of his satire on The Colbert Report - itself a parody of The O'Reilly Factor.

Described by Colbert as "the most historically important journalistic microwave since 1977's Defrost/Nixon", the satirist apparently stole the microwave from the green room when he appeared on O'Reilly's show back in 2007.

O'Reilly's notes demonstrate the prowess of Fox News' fierce reporting

It was first reported to have been outselling O'Reilly's notes at $96,600, though it appears Fox News fans have rallied to his aide and pushed bids for the notes to $1.2m - a price that is unlikely to stick, despite proceeds going to charity Fisher House.

The current record for a signed letter from Barack Obama stands at $8,652. See our top five Barack Obama collectibles.

Bidders have 15 days to raise the price of the O'Reilly notes, while Colbert's microwave will close in just eight days.

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