Chukchi mammoth snow goggles beat estimate

A pair of antique Chukchi mammoth tusk snow goggles have sold for $41,860 at Sotheby’s.

That’s an increase of 80.4% on a $23,200 estimate.

Snow goggles Sothebys

The goggles protect from snow blindness 

They’re designed to protect the wearer from snow blindness and were among the highlights of the Curiosity III sale in Hong Kong earlier today, which featured a range of unusual antiques from around the world.

The Chukchi people originate from north-eastern Siberia, a harsh and unforgiving landscape with few trees.

Here bone is one of the primary materials used in construction.

These goggles were made during the 19th century from mammoth tusk uncovered in the region.

This would have been a rare find and these goggles were almost certainly created for a high-status member of the tribe.   

A 19th century Japanese kettle hook, designed for use in the country's tea ceremony, achieved $16,100.

The lot is made from zelkova wood, which is highly prized for its colour and grain.

While the tea ceremony has been performed in Japan since the 9th century, it started to take on its current form towards the end of the 1300s.

Quality wares must be used in the ceremony, with the finest cups, tea boxes and other accoutrements often changing hands for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Other highlights included a piece of Nkutu Oshele knife currency from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which made $11,270.

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