'Christie's bidder paid $1.8m - but this can be yours for $78 in time for Xmas'


Time is running out for buying Christmas presents - you have just 11 days.

And the timing of one particular auction couldn't be any better. It's been all over the news...


True Hollywood glamour: the
late, great Elizabeth Taylor

Among the Christie's auction's many highlights was a $1.8m World Record sale.

It was a pearl necklace, worn by one of Hollywood's greatest-ever icons... Elizabeth Taylor.

Of course, pieces like this are out of most people's budgets. You may not be considering buying a $1.8m Christmas present!

But what if you could buy your loved one a comparable piece of Hollywood memorabilia?

Like Christie's New York's $1.8m pearl necklace, the piece I'd like to show you below is also linked to Elizabeth Taylor.

If fact, the memorabilia piece we are offering was arguably closer to Liz than the necklace.

And here's the best thing...

This genuine Elizabeth Taylor piece can be yours for just
£49.95 (approx. $77.80) - Click here to find out more

Relatively few people will consider buying presents worth $1.8m this Christmas.

I bet you'd agree that £49.95 is a more realistic price.

Just £49.95 for a genuine piece of Hollywood history - linked to one of Tinsel Town's greatest ever actresses, Elizabeth Taylor.

It even comes with free insured delivery. And a lifetime guarantee!

Again, I can't emphasise this enough: we're offering this to you for £49.95.

Compare it to the $115,932,000 so far netted by Christie's New York sale (which still has 190 lots to be sold!).

Follow this link to view this exclusive
Elizabeth Taylor item

If you have any queries about this item, then Adrian and myself are here to answer your questions. Please contact us at:

+44 (0) 117 933 9500


For now, I hope your Christmas preparations go smoothly!

All the best,



Paul Fraser

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