Charles Dickens's dog collar to bring $6k

Charles Dickens is one of the most famous authors in the Western world. First editions of his works are valued highly by collectors, with a first edition of Bleak House selling for $134,500 at Christie's in 2009, and a pre-publication copy of A Christmas Carol brought $290,500.

But it's not just the books which have proved to be valuable. Even Dickens's ivory and gold toothpick brought $9,150.

Now a collar belonging to Charles Dickens's dog has come up for auction at Bonhams. Dickens loved animals, especially dogs, to the extent that his fondness was referred to in an article immediately following his death.

Charles Dickens dog collar
Charles Dickens's dog collar

"… when I drove into the stable-yard, Linda (the St. Bernard) was greatly excited, weeping profusely, and throwing herself on her back that she might caress my foot with her great fore-paws. M.'s little dog, too, Mrs. Bouncer, barked in the greatest agitation, on being called down and asked, 'Who is this?' tearing round and round me like the dog in the Faust outlines."

It's not known which dog the collar belongs to, but the collar is quite large, making Linda the more likely candidate.

Bonhams will be selling the collar, which has a 'C. Dickens, Esqe,/Gad's Hill, Place,/Higham.' inscribed on the nameplate, on Valentine's Day (February 14).

Collectors interested in unusual Dickens memorabilia will want to take a look at this lock of the great man's hair, which is currently available.


Image: Bonhams

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