'Bread Winner's Bank' could see a $20k profit

Here's another quick look at the amazing range of unique items in Dan Morphy's forthcoming auction in Pennsylvania, US, on February 26-27.

We've already reported on the collections of World War 1 & 2 and Civil War weapons and unique antique advertising memorabilia which will feature in the sale.

But this item is even more unusual: a cast iron Bread Winners Mechanical Bank from 1937.

The strange and unique original item was manufactured by the J & E Stevens Company and remains in fully working, beautiful condition.

The toy is by 1930s tool manufacturers the J & E Stevens Company

The Company was founded by John and Elisha Stevens in Cromwell, Connecticut, US in 1843, specialising in hardware, hammers and simple iron toys.

This ornament features two moveable mechanical figures toiling over a large loaf of 'Honest Labour Bread', next to a third man buried in what is presumably a money sack.

Below them reads the legend: 'Send the rascals up - Bread Winner's Bank.'

Described as being in 'mint condition', this historic toy carries an estimate of $15,000-20,000 - but will it prove to be a bread winning investment at auction?


Image: Dan Morphy Auctions

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