Bonhams auctions Doctor Who costumes worn by Matt Smith and David Tennant

Paul has previously referred to "instant collectibles" - when buzz surrounding a memorabilia piece translates to instant value on the collectors' markets.

And a few more 'instant collectibles' could crop-up at Bonhams' upcoming sale of costumes from the hit sci-fi TV series Doctor Who.

Lot 191 worn by Matt Smith in The Big Bang

Doctor Who fans will recognise this
wedding tux worn by Matt Smith as the
Doctor in 2010 episode The Big Bang

Bonhams will auction 37 costumes from the popular long-running show on Thursday December 15 in Knightsbridge, London. The outfits have been supplied by Angels The Costumiers, the world's longest-established supplier of costumes for films, theatre and television.

Interestingly, many of these costumes have only appeared in very recent episodes of Doctor Who, dating to actor Matt Smith's current tenure as adventuring Timelord the Doctor as well as that of his predecessor, David Tennant.

A wedding guest outfit complete with top hat and a cream coloured silk scarf will be familiar to fans. They were worn by Smith as the Eleventh Doctor in recent 2010 episode The Big Bang. The outfit is estimated at £1,200-1,800.

Other costumes in Bonhams' sale are from a number of episodes, including The Shakespeare Code (2007), Human Nature/The Family of Blood (2007), Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of Daleks (2007) and The Fires of Pompeii (2008).

A three-piece suit worn by David Tennant in Human Nature/The Family of Blood back in 2007 is expected to sell for £1,000-1,500.

"Dr Who is a perennial TV favourite, and the Angels team always looks forward to working on the show because of the extraordinary diversity of costumes that are required to bring-to-life the Timelord's journeys," said Angels Chairman, Tim Angel.

As a young costumier, Angel claims to have first suggested incorporating the iconic, thick scarf into Tom Baker's iconic Dr Who outfit during the actor's classic 1974-1981 stint as the Doctor.

"The costumes in the Bonhams auction offer the chance for fans to connect with their favourite episodes, and take home a beautiful piece of TV history."

Stephanie Connell, Head of Entertainment Memorabilia, agrees: "As the world's longest running science fiction television programme, Dr Who has attracted a cult following."

"We expect fans of the show to jump at the chance to bid for these items," she said.

The Doctor's time and space travelling vehicle, the TARDIS, auctioned
at Bonhams in 2010 for $16,642

While the Doctor Who costumes for sale at Bonhams carry relatively low estimates, the Timelord has also proven his ability to attract higher bids at auction.

Among them was the auctioning of the Doctor's most famous gadget (alongside his Sonic Screwdriver): the TARDIS. Otherwise known as Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, the ship used by actor Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor to traverse time and space appeared at Bonhams in 2010.

Famously bigger inside than it is on the outside, the TARDIS eventually sold for £10,800 ($16,642) - although it isn't known if the buyer used it to get home afterwards.

Also auctioned were two Daleks - the Doctor's arch nemesis - from the series' 1960s era for £4,800 ($7,368) each.

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