Berkel Model 9H slicer doubles estimate at Wright

A Model 9H Berkel flywheel slicer was the surprise hit of an auction dedicated to the company’s iconic machines at Wright in Chicago yesterday.

It realised $21,250, more than doubling its $10,000 estimate.

Berkel slicer 12

The Berkel slicer is an iconic piece of kitchenware

The lot dates to circa 1935-1969 and features an unusual coiled stand.

It’s finished in the company’s iconic shade of red and displays the exquisite detailing that Berkel has long been known for.

As Wright commented before the sale: “Crafted in enameled iron and polished steel, the machines express subtle elegance in both their aesthetic and engineering and have a place of pride in fine restaurants and home kitchens around the world.”

Berkel was founded by Dutch engineer Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel in 1898.

He had experimented with prototypes for a new type of automatic meat slicing machine, until he hit on the idea of using a concave circular blade.

This allowed for greater precision than ever before.

While the company moved on to electric slicers many years ago, it still produces its iconic flywheels to order.

A circa 1950 Model 10 slicer realised $11,250.

This example is something of an anomaly as it more closely resembles the later Model 12.

This may have helped push its value past the $9,000 valuation.

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