Barack Obama’s tour bus chairs sell for $28,500

A pair of chairs from Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign tour bus has sold at RR Auction.

Obama sat in one himself, while the other was usually occupied by either one of his advisors or his wife, Michelle.

Obama 08 chair

Obama spent much of the 2008 campaign trail on this chair 

Offered as a single lot, they realised $28,500. 

The chairs were accompanied by a letter of provenance from Glenn Childress, who drove the bus. It reads: "The two chairs with the embroidered Obama '08 logos were on the lead campaign bus for the duration of the time that the Obama campaign used them (approximately April to November, 2008).

"Obama's world essentially revolved around these two chairs. [They] were situated in the middle of the bus, side-by-side, along the right-hand wall.

"Barack Obama always sat in the chair that was closer to the back…The second chair…was usually filled by a top advisor, campaign surrogate, Senator Joe Biden, or Michelle Obama on the few occasions when she travelled on the bus with us."

The sale bodes well for future auctions of Obama memorabilia, ahead of his stepping down as president on January 20.

His 2008 election triumph was a pivotal moment in US history; the first black president in a nation historically riven by racial divides.

As a result, pieces associated with that monumental election are likely to become increasingly valuable in years to come.

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