Apple-1 computer to cross the block at Christie's

An Apple-1 computer featuring its original manual is expected to realise £150,000-250,000 ($213,150-355,350) at Christie's.

It will lead an April 21 Travel, Science and Natural History sale in London.

Apple 1 computer
The Apple-1 computer was produced in 1976

The device, built in 1976, was Apple's first product. The company was founded in Palo Alto, California and operated out of Steve Jobs' house.

Few would have predicted the company would go on to become the globe-spanning behemoth it is today.

Only around 15 Apple-1 computers are known to have survived as the model was recalled in October 1977.

Owners were offered a free upgrade to the Apple-II as an incentive.

The record for an Apple-1 is $905,000, set for a working specimen at Bonhams in 2014.

An 18th century Moroccan astrolabe is valued at £60,000-100,000 ($85,365-142,275).

Astrolabes performed a range of functions, including determining time and latitude.

The earliest date to 220 BC and were among the most valuable pieces of technology available in the ancient world.

Christie's comments: "The importance of Islamic science in the medieval world is well documented, but interest in astronomy and astrology continued for centuries thereafter.

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