Antique William and Mary cabinet brings $112,575 in Pennsylvania sale

It beats anything you'll find in Ikea... This miniature United States cabinet from the 18th century has sold for an impressive $112,575 at an antique furniture auction in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Cabinets like this were used in England during the 17th and 18th centuries. Their designs were later copied in the US, primarily in Pennsylvania, during the 18th century.

This particular Philadelphia William and Mary cabinet was formerly part of the noted Studdiford collection.

Built from mahogany and designed to hold spices or valuables, the cabinet was built as a single piece. Its features include a 'secret drawer' in its center drawer.

Philadelphia William and Mary cabinet

The rare antique Philadelphia William and Mary cabinet 

Antique furniture collectors can find an identical cabinet to this one in Lee Ellen Griffith's book "The Pennsylvania Spice Box," on page 139.

The phone lines were full and there was much active bidding for this rare antique furniture piece, according to the auctioneer.

In the end, the Philadelphia William and Mary cabinet sold for $112,575, and will certainly spice up the life of the lucky winning collector.

Watch this space for more news from the antique furniture markets.

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