Anglo Saxon grave marker found in garage set for auction

Anglo Saxon grave marker found in garage set for auction

A 1,000-year-old Anglo Saxon grave marker discovered in a garage auctions next month

A very rare Anglo Saxon grave markerfound in a garage is coming to auction in the UK.

Anglo Saxon grave marker Genuine Saxon grave markers are few and far between

Hailing from 9th century Derbyshire, the stone grave marker was discovered "in the garage of a modest housepartially obscured by cardboard boxes and garden tools", according to Duke's Auctioneers.

Although the estimated value of the grave marker has not yet been made public, a specialist in Anglo Saxon antiquities insists: "Grave markers rarely appear on the market and this is a fine example".

The 1,000 year old stone dates from a tumultuous period in Britain's history.

Ruling monarch Alfred the Great sought to defend England from marauding Vikings, who had infiltrated swathes of the British Isles, including Derbyshire.

A spokesperson for Duke's commented: "This grave marker actually comes from an area known as the 'Danelaw' because it was under the influence of the Danes and their laws held sway."

The waisted stone grave marker still features its original carvings: a haloed Celtic cross as well as a patterned panel. It will auction on August 1.

It was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century during road building excavations, and subsequently purchased at auction by its present owner.

Intriguing artefacts often do very well at auction.

In April 2013, a Sri Lankan temple step, which was discovered in a garden in Devon, sold for 553,250 ($844,540) - a 1,744% increase on "the pebble's" 30,000 top estimate.

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