Racehorse Phar Lap's shoes realise $19,000 in Australian sale

A set of two horseshoes worn by Australian racehorse Phar Lap (1926-1932) realised $18,858 in a sale at Mossgreen Auctions in Melbourne on April 22.

Phar Lap is among the most popular racehorses in Australian history.

horseshoes phar lap
The horseshoes belonged to Phar Lap's handler, Tommy Woodcock

His prestigious resume included wins at the Melbourne Cup and the Agua Calienti Handicap in Tijuana. He died suddenly in 1932.

A spokesman for the auction house, Max Williamson, told abc.net: "I was on the phone with the winning bidder so he was very excited to buy them. He said 'Oh, I'd better not tell my wife'.

"He was surprised because I think he honestly thought someone would outbid him. We've been selling sport now for 20 years and in all that time we've had his saddle, we've had one single horse shoe before, we've had his bridle, but that's all.

"It's only about every five years we get something really decent of Phar Lap's for auction."

Other lots pertaining to Phar Lap sold in the past have included a set of cutlery belonging to trainer Harry Telford that sold for $4,575 and an illustration by James Lynwood Palmer that made $5,490.

We have this single horseshoe from Red Rum's breathtaking third Grand National win in 1977.

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