Paul Says: Golf is a good walk made better

I must admit, I rarely watch golf on TV.

I've been playing the game for years, but when it comes to sitting down and watching a tournament, I'm easily distracted.

And then it got me…

The Ryder Cup was thrilling this year, and plenty of us got swept up in the excitement.

As the European Team cleared up against the USA, I couldn't believe the atmosphere. I've never watched golf as engaging as that.

I finally understand now.

It's great fun to watch pros at the top of their game. It's even more fun when they get stuck behind an elm and the pressure starts to show.

The characters, the rivalries, the history. These are the things that make golf a great game to watch.

Now, I'm practising my swing more often, and I'm gearing up for the World Match Play Championship this week (watching, not playing).

Who knows, I could even become a full member with the local club.

Why I'm buying golf memorabilia

McIlroy golf
McIlroy shortly before he threw his ball into the crowd at the Open this year - the ball later sold for over $52,000 at auction

With all the Ryder Cup excitement, it's no surprise that golf collectibles are being snapped up.

The 250,000 fans who made the pilgrimage to Gleneagles have been buying mementos from the contest on eBay, not to mention bids from fans around the world who couldn't make it.

Their eagerness to secure a unique piece of golfing history is pushing up prices online, with a replica of the Ryder Cup trophy selling for £3,300 ($5,278).

And it's not just this year's instalment that they're celebrating, with a group of autographs from the 1927 Open Championship at St Andrews making £1,500 ($2,399).

Even I've had a bid (I'll tell you the item if I win).

That bid was unusual for me. As a collector, I know that excitement can inflate prices, and I don't want to pay over the odds.

It's often better to wait until the excitement subsides.

But those that read Paul Fraser Collectibles regularly will know the market for golf memorabilia has been gathering momentum.

Once the preserve of specialist auction houses, golf memorabilia has spread and now the "big three" auction houses all hold dedicated sales.

In fact, Heritage Auctions recently offered Sam Snead's tournament driver for over $1m - that's a huge sum, but not surprising considering Sotheby's sold a collection of antique clubs for $2.2m back in 2007.

See our Top 5 golf memorabilia for more of the best sales.

Enhancing my hobby

Unlike the Wall Street Journal, I'm not going to tag golf memorabilia as an investment just yet.

Sure, the items will hold their value, even see good gains.

Yet golf is my occasional weekend escape, and like the game, I believe that some collectibles should simply be enjoyed.

The returns will take care of themselves.

I've already mentioned the main reason why I'm buying golf memorabilia: the characters, the rivalries, the history.

To me, these are the greatest aspects of the game, and collectibles are a great reminder of that.

Antique golf memorabilia makes for a great eye-catching decoration around the home, while signed pieces make prized mementos from the greats of the game - perhaps some of their magic will rub off on us.

I'm bidding on an item I've no intention of selling. It's just for me (and the impressed friends I show it to).

I don't need to go to the golf course every month or so. But I do, because it's what I love doing.

I don't need to buy a new set of clubs. But I will, because I can afford to treat myself on occasion.

So why not enhance my enjoyment of the hobby with a few mementos? 

If you agree with me, why not take a look at some of the fantastic items of golf memorabilia for sale at Paul Fraser Collectibles and place your order?

Thanks for reading,


Paul Fraser

P.S This is my favourite item - Frank Sinatra's golf bag. He may not be a great of the game, but boy, he had style and rocking up to the course with this will surely give you that inimitable Rat Pack cool.

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