OJ Simpson memorabilia – why it's a lousy investment

With OJ Simpson back in the news following Thursday's parole hearing, you may be wondering whether to invest in the NFL star's memorabilia.

The short answer is no, even if you disregard any moral issues.

OJ Simpson

Simpson's memorabilia has halved in value since 1994, says JustCollecting

Although, if you're quick, it could be a great time to sell.

"Anytime somebody’s in the news, it’s always going to see an initial spike for a few days," Jeremy Brown, owner of Ultimate Sports Cards and Memorabilia in Las Vegas, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“That spike lasts all of seven to 10 days at best,” he added.

Brown also warned that if you have an OJ Simpson autograph at home, it's unlikely to rise in value over the long-term. The reason? He's expecting the market to be flooded with them in the near future as Simpson turns to signing his name to keep the funds coming in.

"Because, quite honestly, at age 70, what else is he going to do for money?" Brown questions.

Simpson's autograph has limited value as it is.

It's not that there isn't a market for autographs written by the same hand that, according to a civil case, was "liable" for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994…

…It's that there are already masses in circulation. Simpson gave thousands away during his career, meaning signed photos are worth just $30 today, according to a report by JustCollecting.

Although some collectors are drawn to Simpson's notoriety, JustCollecting states values are stagnating way below pre-1994 levels, when he was famous simply as a running back and film star.

Simpson's memorabilia has halved in value since before the double murder.

For example Simpson's Heisman trophy, which is awarded to the leading college player each year, had an estimated worth of $500,000 before the murders. It sold for $255,000 in 1999.

"That price is far below the Heisman record of $395,240, held by little remembered University of Minnesota running back Bruce P Smith’s 1941 trophy," says the JustCollecting report. "That tells you everything."

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