Muhammad Ali Liston robe valued in excess of $200,000

The robe worn by Muhammad Ali into the ring against Sonny Liston in 1964 is to provide the headline lot of a sale of sports memorabilia at Heritage Auctions in Dallas on May 14-16.

It's expected to make in excess of $200,000.

Ali robe Heritage
Muhammad Ali became world heavyweight champion in 1964

Liston was one of the most ferocious fighters of all time and was hitherto unbeaten in his professional career. Ali's victory crowned him world heavyweight champion and whisked him into superstardom.

Heritage comments: "The gloves that Cassius Clay was wearing as he claimed his first of three World Heavyweight Championships commanded $836,500 in our February 2014 Platinum Night auction, a record-setting figure that serves as the best possible yardstick by which to measure the value of the offered garment.

"Certainly the magnificent aesthetics of this listing, and the potential for display, trump even that enormously significant pair of gloves.

"The robe derives from the famous 'find' of memorabilia saved by Ali's long-time cornerman Drew 'Bundini' Brown that unbelievably was auctioned for mere pennies when the storage unit containing those treasures was sold at auction for non-payment."

We have this signed illustration of Muhammad Ali available for a fraction of the price.

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