Modern Olympic Games proposal to sell at Goldin Auctions

Baron Pierre de Coubertin's original 1894 proposal for the modern Olympic Games is set to cross the block at Goldin Auctions on October 29.

De Coubertin was a French aristocrat and educational reformer.

He was an evangelical advocate for sport, which he saw as a moralising influence.  

Olympic committee Coubertin
De Coubertin was a believer in the moralising influence of sport

He was inspired to revive the Grecian Olympics after attending the Wenlock Society's "Olympian Games" in England in 1890, an ancient Greek-inspired athletics event held annually in a small village in Shropshire since the 1860s.

De Coubertin believed that an international Games could promote world peace. He proposed that the first event should be held in Paris in 1900.

His idea proved more popular than he had anticipated.

Within six months the International Olympic Committee was meeting for the first time. The Games began to huge fanfare in Athens in 1896.

This foundational text, a centrepiece for any Olympic collection, is expected to sell for in excess of $300,000.

Other highlights in the eclectic sale include a four page handwritten letter by LA rapper Tupac Shakur.

It's addressed to Nina Bhadreshwar, publicist at Death Row Records, and relates his life up to that point. Tupac intended it to be published and aimed his words at black American youth.

He signs off: "I promise you one thing when I touchdown it will shake the world!"

The letter carries an opening bid of $11,000.

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