Mint Tom Brady rookie card to hit $50,000?

A highly rare PSA gem mint Tom Brady rookie card from his 2000 season will star in PWCC’s February 8 sale.

Only 100 copies of this Playoff Contenders card (which features a ticket and a signature from the star) were released. 

It's expected to make in excess of $50,000, a tenfold increase on the $5,000 it was valued at back in 2012.

Tom Brady 2000

Tom Brady is the biggest football star of his generation

“It’s astonishing to see such a recent card appreciating so dramatically in less than a half decade,” said Brent Huigens, CEO of PWCC.

“The marketplace is changing as collectors realize cards of all types and eras can offer sizeable returns in line with the Honus Wagers and Mickey Mantles of the vintage world.

“Gone are the days when decades-old, impossibly rare cards dominated the marketplace.

“Newer and less conventional cards can be a great investment, and compared with demand, can be every bit as elusive and valuable as anything else in the market.

“The Tom Brady rookie which will hit the marketplace on 2/8 is the perfect example of this recent maturation.”

Brady's five (possibly six come Sunday) Super Bowl rings have cemented his status as the most talented quarterback of his generation.

That a modern card can reach values once reserved for pre-1950s classics is likely to prove a shot in the arm for the market.

This looks set to be a big year for Brady memorabilia. 

One of his official Super Bowl LI rings is heading to auction at Goldin on February 17. Its value is projected to be somewhere in the six figure range.

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