LeBron James' rookie season Nikes to sell at SCP Auctions

A pair of Nike Air Zooms from LeBron James' 2003-2004 rookie season are selling at SCP Auctions.

They have been matched to the star's first game with the Cleveland Cavaliers, in which he scored a memorable dunk.

LeBron shoes SCP
LeBron James had been tipped for stardom from a young age

They're offered with an opening bid of $5,000, with the auction to close on August 20.

Lebron was tipped for superstardom at an early age.

Born into poverty in Akron, Ohio, he started playing basketball at the age of nine.

Just four years later he was competing in nationwide youth tournaments.

During his years at Saint Vincent-Saint Mary High School, demand was often so high to see him play that the school had to book out the University of Akron's Rhodes Arena.  

Sports Illustrated made him a cover star before he'd even graduated.

So when he was drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, the hype was at fever pitch.

LeBron did not disappoint, scoring 25 points in his first game - a record for a rookie in their opening match.

Just this year he swept the team to victory in the NBA Championships, winning Cleveland its first title in any professional sport in the past 52 years.

A jersey James wore in Game 3 of the 2016 NBA finals sold for $74,504 in July.

Pieces from his rookie season will be among the most hotly contested.

For reference, look at Michael Jordan - a player with whom LeBron is often compared.

A pair of Nike Airs Jordan wore in his 1984 rookie season made $71,554 in 2015.

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