Honus Wagner museum exhibit moves to new site

Honus Wagner's museum exhibit in Pittsburgh has been moved to a larger spot at the Historical Society of Carnegie, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports.

Wagner is one of baseball's all time greats, with a lifetime batting average of .329, just below Babe Ruth at .342.

He is also the rarest name in the T206 baseball card series, with examples regularly achieving seven figure sums at auction.

The exhibit features a range of artefacts relating to his career as a shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates, including signed photographs and baseballs.

Honus Wagner
Honus Wagner is often described as the greatest shortstop ever to play the game

There are also personal memories of Wagner from the people who knew him, including: "Lois O'Donnell's parents, Frank & Lillian E. Collins, owned the Atlantic Gas Station on East Main Street.

"Her parents took care of Honus' Great Dane, Big Boy, when Honus played out of town. Lois remembers Big Boy walking down to Murphy's 5 & 10 and picking up a ball. Honus kept a running tab there for the dog."

Another tells of the Wagner's generosity: "Mike Pointer remembers visiting Mr. Wagner as a child.

"Mrs. Wagner would give the children lemonade and shelled peanuts. Honus once gave Mike a trading card. Mike doesn't remember if he put the card on the spokes of his bicycle."

Unfortunately for Mike, those trading cards now sell for up to $2.1m.

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