George Wright Red Stockings Cigars advert makes $160,000

An advert for Red Stocking Cigars that features shortstop George Wright achieved $160,000 in a sale at Robert Edward Auctions in New Jersey on April 26.

The poster was printed in 1874 and represents the first example of a sportsperson being used to advertise a commercial product in the US.  

George Wright Red Stocking
George Wright played shortstop for the Cincinatti Red Stockings during the late 19th and early 20th century

It's the only specimen known to have survived to the present day and has formed the centrepiece of a range of prestigious advertising collections.

Wright (1847-1937) was considered one of the greatest players of his era, leading the Cincinatti Red Stockings to six championship victories during his time at the club.

Carlton Fisk's "waving fair" home run ball from the sixth game of the 1975 World Series sold for $120,000.

The game became famous after Fisk of the Boston Red Sox appeared to hit a ball foul during the 12th inning and began waving his arms as though willing the ball to stay in play.

Miraculously it did and the Red Sox won, leading to a World Series-clinching victory in game seven.

The ball was picked up by Cincinatti fielder George Foster, who held on to it for a number of years before consigning it to auction at Leland's New York in 1999, where it made $113,273.

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