Don Bradman's first bat hits $68,000 in Mossgreen auction

The bat Don Bradman used in his first test match has sold as part of Mossgreen's Sporting Memorabilia auction, held in Melbourne, Australia on May 21.

Don Bradman First Test Cricket Bat
Bradman's test batting average of 99.94 is one of the greatest achievements of any sportsman

The bat, used against England at Brisbane in 1928, made $67,773 to lead the sale. It previously changed hands in a charity competition in 1930, having been donated by "The Don".

"Don Bradman stands alone as the greatest batsman of all time," Mossgreen's sporting memorabilia expert Max Williamson told Paul Fraser Collectibles.

"His Test average is 99.94. All the other great batsmen have averages in the 40s. He has a wide popularity throughout the cricket world, but here in Australia he is considered the greatest ever Australian."

Indeed, it was Australian prime minister John Howard who first gave Bradman the title of "greatest living Australian" back in 2001, with Bradman's test average considered to be one of the finest feats of any sportsman in history.

Bradman led his "Invincibles" team to victory against England numerous times, causing the English players to develop the controversial "Bodyline" tactic to twart his endless runs.

"The market for cricket memorabilia is quite large, and it has been a part of cricket for about 150 years. Cricket is unique in the fact that Tests play out over 5 days, and fans love surrounding themselves with cricket memorabilia," added Williamson.

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