Babe Ruth pocket watch to exceed $750,000 in New York

A New York Yankees pocket watch presented to Babe Ruth in 1923 is expected to auction for over $750,000 at Heritage Auctions in New York on February 23.

The Gruen-Verithen watch was given to Ruth following the Yankees' victory over bitter rivals the New York Giants in the final of the 1923 World Series - the first time the team had ever won the title.

Babe Ruth pocket watch Heritage
The pocket watch was presented to Babe Ruth after the Yankees' victory in the 1923 World Series

The case is made from 14k gold and features an engraving of a pitcher, hitter and catcher along with the legend "Yankees, World's Champions 1923".

Its provenance is both exceptional and poignant. While Ruth was lying on his deathbed in 1948 after a protracted battle with cancer, he presented the watch to his friend Charlie Schwefel - who had stood by him throughout his illness.

Before he gave Schwefel the watch, Ruth added his name to the top along with an inscription on the inside: "To My Pal Charles Schwefel."

The watch was later given to Schwefel's nephew who kept it for many years before selling it privately in 1988.

Heritage has previously sold other, lesser examples of the 1923 Yankees pocket watch - with one given to travelling secretary Mark Roth achieving $26,290 and another belonging to scout Bob Connolly making $33,460.

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