Arnold Palmer’s golf clubs to beat $40,000?

The set of golf clubs Arnold Palmer used to learn the game in the 1940s is valued at more than $40,000 ahead of a sale at Heritage Auctions.

In 1948, a young man named Casey Markwood approached Deacon Palmer, Arnold’s father, to ask if he could source him a decent set of beginners' clubs at a good price.  

Arnold Palmer golf

Arnold Palmer learned to play with this set of clubs 

Deacon was a pro and greens keeper at Latrobe Country Club in Pennsylvania, where he’d taught his son to play.

By the late 1940s Arnold was already making waves in amateur tournaments and had bought a new set of equipment, so Deacon offered Markwood this set.

The lot is accompanied by a signed letter from Arnold Palmer that reads: “This is to certify that I have personally seen the clubs in the possession of Casey Markwood, a set of seven First Flight hickory shaft 'irons' and a set of two Louisville 'woods', and can attest they are one of my original sets of clubs.”

Arnold Palmer, a seven-time Major winner, is one of the most celebrated figures in golf history.

The demand for his memorabilia has skyrocketed in the past year, with the putter he used to win the 1964 Masters achieving a record $97,690 in April this year.

In 2016, one of his Masters trophies sold for $444,000, becoming the second most valuable piece of golf memorabilia ever sold.

Palmer died last year. A famous figure's passing will often drive up prices as fans seek out mementos. He was also a much-loved figure in the game, who is credited with shaking off its outdated image.

Heritage comments: “How often is one faced with the opportunity to revisit the first page of a great sporting biography?

“The savvy collector will see this for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it is, and bid accordingly.”

We're selling a signed visor from another golfing legend

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