4 contemporary stars to invest in today

It's the most satisfying feeling in all of collecting:

Spotting a market trend years before anyone else.

And for those collectors who had faith in a young Northern Irishman a few years ago, they're now sitting pretty.

Because Rory McIlroy's win at the Open on the weekend means he is the hottest name in the world of sport right now.

Don't believe me?

Type "Rory McIlroy" into Google, and the first headlines you read don't mention his golf - it's speculation about which lingerie model he's dating.

When the papers think a sportsperson's lovelife is an interesting read, you can safely say he's "made it".

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy: which lingerie model is he dating?

And if McIlroy wins the Masters, he will complete a career grand slam - joining just six others in the history of the game.

When that happens, as most golf experts expect it to, interest in McIlroy will reach even greater proportions. He won't become just a star of the moment. He will be a star for all time.

Which means collectors will want his memorabilia not just while he is performing heroics on the golf course, but when he has hung up his clubs as well - making him a long-term investment.

And that means the $10,000 offered by one auction house for the ball McIlroy threw into the crowd on the 18th green on Sunday could be a very nice piece of business.

And the £60 paid for his signed photo at an auction last year will appear miniscule.

Stars today, legends forever

I would love to be able to offer you a McIlroy item today, but sadly, we have none in stock.

Yet what I can do is point you in the direction of three other stars of the moment, whose memorabilia, I believe, will be worth significantly more in the years to come than it is today - as they transform from celebrities of the day to stars for the ages.

Lady Gaga: Great talent, a unique image and a global, passionate, fanbase should see Lady Gaga claim the mantle of the "queen of pop" over the coming decades, currently held by Madonna - herself a hugely collectible star both now and in the future.

We've already seen a Lady Gaga-worn dress auction for $31,250. But there are still opportunities to own superb Gaga-worn memorabilia at lower prices.

Click here to see what I'm talking about.

Tom Hanks: Is one of only two men to win back to back Best Actor Oscars. He will be remembered as one of the greatest film actors of all time.

His screen-worn military uniform from Saving Private Ryan recently auctioned for $25,000.

We have this Hanks-signed item from the same film.

Damien Hirst: Sharks in tanks. Dissected sheep. Yes, Hirst's work has taken the art world by storm. And, according to 2013 figures from ArtTactic, it will have considerable longevity too.

"ArtTactic has received a confirmation from Hirst's company, Science Ltd, that the total number of original works (paintings and sculpture) produced up until today is just under 6,000, with another 2,000 drawings," it said in its report.

Compare that with Picasso's 50,000 works or Warhol's 95,000.

"The growing interest in art as an investment and art secured lending is likely to trigger further demand for Damien Hirst in the future. Increase in auction liquidity and price transparency would make Hirst an ideal candidate in terms of investment value, similar to what other prolific artists such as Picasso, Warhol and Calder are today," ArtTactic concluded.

Click here to see this Hirst original we have in stock.

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PS. Bringing it back to golf, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus are both credited with transforming the game. We have their signatures for sale here.

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