1919 World Series ring auctions for $166,000 with Lelands

The only ring from the infamous 1919 World Series has been sold as part of Leland's Spring 2013 Catalog Auction, which was held on June 28.

1919 World Series ring
The ring was given to a milkman who lived in Moran's hometown

The ring was won by the Cincinnati Reds' manager Pat Moran, after his team "beat" the Chicago White Sox. It sold for $166,102 after receiving 16 bids.

The 1919 World Series is the most infamous event in the history of baseball. After the Reds secured a 5-3 series win against the White Sox, it was discovered the Chicago team had fixed the match, conspiring with gamblers to intentionally hand the series to Cincinnati.

The eight players involved were banned from the sport for life following a lengthy investigation, earning them the Chicago Black Sox moniker.

The ring itself is a unique example, due to the fact that rings were considered too effeminate for male players in 1919. The majority of awards presented were pins and stickpins.

It is engraved with Pat Moran's name and is made from 10-karat gold. Pat Moran's son, John, gave it to a local milkman, whose son in turn consigned it to the sale after keeping it in his personal collection for more than 50 years.

In August 2012 the 1912 World Series trophy presented to Boston Red Sox manager Jake Stahl sold for $239,000 at Heritage Auctions.

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