Wright Brothers sketches flying at $37,500 with RR Auction

A collection of possibly unique sketches of Kitty Hawk, US drawn by the Wright Brothers is currently selling in RR Auction's Space and Aviation sale, which closes later tonight (May 23).

Wright Brothers Sketches Auction
Thought to be unique, this is an extremely rare opportunity for collectors, with the price expected to soar as the auction draws to its close

The sketches were produced by Orville and Wilbur during their training of French pilot Paul Tissandier, most likely in 1908. They are currently selling at $37,541.

The sketches show the town of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina as it was at the time of the first flight made by the daring brothers, including a stick figure posing by a wing that is captioned by Tissandier in French: "Map of the area where Kitty Hawk was, where he had his first experiences."

The brothers experimented for three years near Kitty Hawk before the landmark first flight took place in December 1903 at Kill Devil Hills, an area four miles to the south of the town.

Also featuring in the middle of one of the pages is Wilbur's overhead view of Kill Devil Hills.

The lot also includes a map of the airstrip in Dayton, Ohio and several quick sketches of a wing, which are captioned, "graph of the lift-generating force of surfaces at different incidences".

RR Auction has had to withdraw Apollo memorabilia from the sale, after NASA requested more time to research its ownership.

For aviation enthusiasts, PFC Auctions is currently offering an original window from the famous Concorde.

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