'World's Largest Astronaut Autograph and Memorabilia Show' heads for Florida

Recently, the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation held an auction of a number of fine pieces of space memorabilia in the UK and online with a Swiss flag which had been flown to the Moon on Apollo 15, a shuttle astronaut's training suit and a tour of Alan Bean's amazing space paintings all featuring.

The foundation isn't resting however, instead it's busy organising its Third Annual Astronaut Autograph & Memorabilia Show Weekend, due to take place in Florida. The family-friendly weekend offers autograph sessions, astronaut photo opportunities, lectures from legends, a unique space auction and more.

Described confidentlaly as the 'World's Largest Astronaut Autograph and Memorabilia Show' by the organisers, the event takes place at Launch Headquarters, Kennedy Space Center.

Fees are naturally required for autographs with the proceeds going to the Foundation's charitable work. Those currently slated to appear include some moonwalkers:

Alan Bean was the fourth man to walk on the moon and paints celebrated art based on it. Dave Scott of Apollo 15 was the first man to drive on the moon. Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 holds the record for the longest moonwalk. Apollo 16's Charlie Duke was the youngest astronaut to set foot on the moon.

Gene Cernan of Apollo 17 was the last man to walk on the moon ...oh and not forgetting Apollo 11's Buzz Aldrin. Apollo 13's Fred Haise and Jim Lovell will also be to hand, as will several other notable figures (Richard Gordon, Al Worden, etc). The event takes place on November 5-7.




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