Why Apollo 11 collectibles could be the perfect addition to your portfolio


The first half of the last century was dominated by conflict.

And while the world in the second 50 years remained a volatile place at times, the common bond of space exploration saw once-hostile nations collaborating in a manner rarely seen previously.

The world's united passion and enthusiasm for space exploration suggests a bright future for space collectibles, and the most famous mission of all, Apollo 11, will undoubtedly be its centrepiece.

42 years ago today on July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.

Today, collectors in China, Russia, the UK and the US are striving to seek the best, most important, pieces from this historic mission for their portfolios.

We've witnessed some incredible Apollo 11 auctions of late.

Bonhams sold what is currently the world record for an Apollo 11 item - a navigational chart used on board the Eagle landing capsule - for $218,000 in New York in 2009.

Space memorabilia could give your collection star appeal

A handle used to control Apollo 11's rotation achieved $79,750 at an Aurora auction in 2004.

And it's not just baby boomers that grew up with the Apollo missions that are pushing the space memorabilia sector forward, younger high-net worth individuals are also turning to the skies.

After all, the opportunity to own unique, historically significant items such as Buzz Aldrin's training suit, inspires and excites collectors both young and old.

In an era that is about to witness the first private space flights, we expect the passion and fascination for space and its related memorabilia to only increase.

Which means that should you choose to start collecting space memorabilia today, you could own a highly valuable collection by the time the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landings sends prices soaring.


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